1.7 Ha Property with stone ruin near Loulé

Introducing a Rural Oasis in Portugal:

Located in the serene parish of S. Clemente, within the picturesque Loulé Municipality in Portugal, this exceptional property is a haven of natural beauty spanning 1.7 hectares. The landscape here is a testament to nature’s artistry, with a rich tapestry of shrubs, sub-shrubs, and scattered trees. Elevations ranging from 306 to 321 meters offer captivating views and are a testament to the region’s history of terraced landscapes.

Nestled in the heart of the Barrocal region, this property rests upon limestone terrain and clayey soils. Though the land was once adorned by native holm oak forests, the gentle touch of human activity has shaped the lush landscape into what it is today.

Today, olive trees, myrtle, small carob trees, and holm oaks dominate the landscape. Centuries of agriculture have yielded almond, fig, carob, and olive trees, while the valleys once flourished with citrus crops.

Recent years have witnessed a shift towards irrigated farming and vineyards in former dryland areas, leaving the agricultural production areas in a state of repose.

The property’s resilience is evident in its spontaneous vegetation, including wild olive trees, myrtle, and asparagus. A Mediterranean climate graces the region, with an average annual rainfall of approximately 500mm, and prevailing winds from the northwest (NW) and southeast (SE) add to the region’s charm.

Additional features of this estate include a 75m² ruin, a borehole with a pump, a 30,000-liter water cistern, a dedicated technic room, and various existing infrastructures that enhance its potential.

Price: €145,000 (Negotiable)

In 2017, Terracrua Design developed a visionary regenerative planning project that harmoniously integrated ecological principles and sustainable practices, showcasing the potential for agro-ecological, ecotourism, and educational development.

Experience the rural charm of this property and explore the possibilities it holds for your vision of the perfect countryside haven.

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