Prime Agricultural Opportunity with Existing Infrastructure

Unlock Agricultural Excellence in São Teotónio

Discover an expansive 55-hectare landholding in the flourishing São Teotónio region, perfectly poised for ambitious commercial agricultural ventures. Boasting fertile and highly productive soil, this property is a haven for those seeking to cultivate abundant fruits and vegetables of unparalleled quality.

Abundant Harvests in a Favorable Climate

Nestled in the heart of São Teotónio, this land benefits from a climate tailor-made for prolific harvests. The region’s optimal conditions ensure that your fruits and vegetables thrive in both quantity and quality. Whether you’re an experienced farmer or an aspiring agricultural entrepreneur, this property offers the canvas for your vision to flourish.

A House with Potential

Enhancing the appeal of this agricultural paradise is an existing house area of 150m2, thoughtfully divided into two apartments. While awaiting your creative touch to complete the interior, this structure presents the ideal space for you to reside or manage your agricultural pursuits.

Efficiency in Operation

Unlocking convenience and efficiency, the property comes complete with an array of machines, working materials, and water tubes. An irrigation system is already in place, streamlining the process of nurturing your crops to maturity.

Integrated Water Resources

The property features an invaluable water supply system with 5 boreholes, ensuring a consistent and reliable source of water for your agricultural needs. Additionally, a well and a pond are strategically positioned to provide further water resources for irrigation and cultivation.

Tourist Development Potential and Natural Beauty

Highlighting the property’s allure is the existing cork oak forest, adorned with century-old trees. Electricity is available, and the potential to build a tourist development of up to 22,000 m2, housing a maximum of 200 beds, adds an exciting dimension to this offering.

Structural Regenerative Project Included

What also sets this opportunity apart is the inclusion of a Structural Regenerative Project from Terracrua Design. This innovative approach ensures that the property’s potential is maximized while fostering sustainability and harmonious integration with the environment.

Coastal Proximity and Accessibility

Situated just 10 km from the captivating west coast beaches of Costa Vicentina, the property enjoys a desirable location that combines rural serenity with coastal allure. Furthermore, it’s conveniently located 85 km from Faro Airport and 20 km from the Santa Clara / Saboia train station, ensuring accessibility for both leisure and practicality.

Seize the Potential, Embrace the Possibilities

Priced at €990.000, this agricultural gem holds the promise of prosperous returns. Seize the opportunity to secure a vast expanse of land with unparalleled potential for commercial success. Embrace the possibilities, embrace the harvest, and embark on a journey of agricultural excellence in São Teotónio.

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